Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group Selected as Preferred Lender by Craig Proctor Coaching Corporation

Gold Star Mortgage Selected as Preferred Lender

Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Corporation, one of the nation’s premier lenders, is very pleased to announce it has been named the preferred mortgage-lending partner for the esteemed Craig Proctor Coaching Corporation. Selected from thousands of home financing providers, Gold Star’s decades-long unwavering commitment to growing the success of Realtor partners aligns directly with the core values of the Craig Proctor Coaching platform.

Craig Proctor, previously named the #1 RE/Max® Agent worldwide, has increased the success of more than 30,000 Real Estate Agents who have adopted his Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System. This system, the cornerstones of which are innovative prospecting and client retention, is widely recognized by his Realtor devotees as a blueprint for both unprecedented success as well as improved work-life balance. Creating service-driven systems and solutions designed to ensure sustainable growth is a mission shared by Gold Star and one that characterizes the suitability of the relationship. 

“In addition to providing an exceptional relationship-based borrower experience, Gold Star understands the critical synergy and exponential success created when we join marketing forces with our referring Realtor base,” said Eric Mitchell, Executive Vice President of National Retail for Gold Star. “By partnering effectively with an organization the caliber of Craig Proctor Coaching, we’re able to revolutionize industry-leading tandem marketing strategies that drive market reach, revenue, and most importantly, superior service levels for our mutual clients across the board. Realtors are especially impressed with Gold Star’s reliable FastPASS Borrower Pre-Approval, which levels the playing field by allowing Borrowers to compete more effectively with cash offers. FastPASS is an example of Gold Star’s ability to guarantee both our Borrowers, and their Realtors, have a competitive edge in the home buying process.”

Also attractive to the Proctor organization is Gold Star’s consistently award-winning technology, loan process and workplace culture. Because the service and expertise Realtors provide is intrinsically connected to the role played by lenders, Proctor believes Realtors must be carefully selective in choosing a lender partner. “Gold Star has earned the nation’s confidence, as well as the ringing endorsement of the Proctor team, because of its ethical, compliant lending practices and commitment to above-and-beyond-the-call service,” said Craig Proctor. “We’ve aligned with Gold Star because the same exceptional service they’re passionate about providing their family of customers is afforded to their Realtor Partners as well.”

About Gold Star

Founded in 2000 and based in Ann Arbor, MI, Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Corporation is one of the nation’s premier mortgage companies, originating billions in home loans across the United States. Named one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine, Gold Star has been repeatedly honored for industry-leading technology and workplace culture, with awards including Detroit Free Press Top 100 Workplace (six years), three-time Ellie Mae Hall of Fame inductee for Outstanding Efficiency/ROI and Outstanding Loan Origination Process and Mortgage Technology Magazine’s Tech Savvy Lender designation. Gold Star is privileged to provide unsurpassed technology-driven, relationship-based service from coast-to-coast. For more information regarding Gold Star, please visit  or contact us at (734) 971-9900.

About Craig Proctor

Craig Proctor is Founder and CEO of Craig Proctor Coaching, an International Real Estate Success Coaching organization that has shaped the lives of Real Estate Agents across the globe via Proctor’s Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System. This system is uniquely positioned to deliver real, current and proven solutions to Real Estate Agents and Brokers. At the heart of the system is Craig Proctor’s unique “Reverse Prospecting” (an inexpensive and automatic lead generation system where qualified prospects actually seek out the agent rather than the other way around), the system also teaches highly effective scripts, conversion and presentation systems to empower agents to follow their customer leads through to maximum GCI. For more information regarding Craig Proctor Coaching, please visit or call (800) 538-1034.

Source: Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Corporation | Craig Proctor